For the first time ever in Cyprus


The Event

The Nicosia International Cup is a Youth Football Tournament that took place in Nicosia for the first time last year from 27 -31 December. It has been established as an annual event where teams from around the world gather to compete. The aim of this event is to bring together children from across the globe, providing them with the opportunity to meet, compete and discover different cultures using football as means to interact, surrounded by the joyful atmosphere of Christmas.

Concept initiatives

International Football personalities like Micheal Salgado and Sien Garnier participated in various activities and events organised under NIC.

The Background

Various elements came together underlining the Concept that was to become the Nicosia International Cup (NIC). The Concept was based on multiple activities which promoted CSR, the city of Nicosia and the various sponsors’ bespoke activities with the purpose of achieving each entity’s objectives. The Venetian walls – which are considered an important historical point of interest in Nicosia town – played a pivotal point in the Concept creation process and were incorporated into the design of the tournament’s logo and overall branding so as to embrace both the theme of football and the city of Nicosia.

Going Forward

We strive to create the best possible ROI for all stakeholders in the Nicosia International Cup and take pride in providing the participants and spectators with the highest level of professionalism in terms of exposure, production, execution and delivery.