This is some of the awesome stuff we did for Apoel




This is some of the awesome stuff we did for Apoel

The Client

APOEL FC is a professional football club based in Nicosia, Cyprus. One of the most popular and successful football teams in Cyprus, APOEL has achieved an overall tally of 25 championships, 21 cups and 13 super cups.

The Challenge

APOEL approached us to produce a Concept for the purpose of enhancing APOEL fan engagement and to create new revenue streams.

The Concept

Working closely with APOEL, we designed a Concept that involved the creation of an APOEL Fan Day event during which APOEL’s birthday was celebrated. The idea was to have APOEL fans participate as volunteers at the event, assisting with the set-up and helping with the wide variety of fun activities that were planned for the day.

The Outcome

Incorporating the element of having APOEL fans participate as volunteers at this event elevated the level of fan engagement to unprecedented levels as the feeling of inclusion by those fans on the day is not one that can be easily achieved had they not been involved in this manner. Further, through volunteerism, costs to hold the event were minimised evidencing the feasibility of having such an event annually, thereby creating additional revenue streams.